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My today’s post will be different from the usual publications, I want to talk about unusual guys to whom I am very attached during last few years. And for the first time I met the music of these wonderful guys in a very unusual way. One late evening I tried again to play a professional musician. Yes, you understood correctly, I tried to fill out my Linkedin profile. More precisely, I tried to understand how to include LinkedIn on resume or vice versa … Obviously, I couldn’t squeeze incompatible things, but the clever Linkedin assistant added, upon my request, a profile of some guy with a musical background and an unusual name … And bingo again! As you probably already guessed, I did not finish reading this article to deepen my knowledge in the field of creating a professional Linkedin  profile, but instead I found a playlist of these guys on YouTube. My speech will be about the band Mushmellow.

Mushmellow: “Fans Are Afraid of Us”

Today, their rock version of the pop hit “Toxic” was not heard only by the blind. They broke into the air of music television channels, forcing everyone to wonder: who are Mushmellow? An excellent English pronunciation, more than a spectacular appearance of the musicians, a surprisingly well-shot clip and the song itself, in fact, a mega-drive song, indicated the band’s clearly alien origin.

But painfully familiar the most train trains in the world, the archaic image of a Caucasian with watermelons and tea in branded cup holders said the opposite: only ours can do such a banter.

Oddly enough, but both options were correct. Each of the band members has their own complicated history and vast geography of countries of residence, but is the origin of the musician so important if this musician is good at skills?

The main thing is different: last winter, one of the leading Ukrainian producers, Yuri Thales, became interested in the Mushmellow band, thus opening a band for the mass audience. By signing a five-year contract, the team released their debut album, Hollow Memories, which went on sale in December 2008.

And while skeptics talked about the global commercialization of rock music, sensitive girl hearts trembled when listening to the aforementioned disc for one hundred thousand, telling their young owners that without a ticket to a Mushmellow concert, the near future is simply unthinkable. And the band does not complain about the number of concerts, so almost every fan has the opportunity to see the heroes of their dreams with their own eyes.

Mushmellow rock band

Interviews with Mushmellow Musicians

1. What are the ambitions, goals and dreams of the band Mushmellow?

“Conquer the universe and go to Mars on tour! And besides this, the goals are the same as for all bands: a lot of albums, a lot of fans, a lot of money. Everything is natural enough, nothing new. For example, a journalist works to make money, right? And why is he a journalist? Because he writes better than, for example, repairs plumbing. So it’s the same with us. We are better at playing music than engaging in engineering.

I’m a psychologist by training, I studied at the faculty of social pedagogy and psychology. If you look at my profile, I’m such a unique jack of all trades that my profile needs to be added to this list of the best role models:  But I like being a psychologist much less than being a musician. That is why we make music. And the end result, of course, is to earn a living.”

2. You had to win the first fans, probably?

“Only now they are afraid of us. Do not haunt us, nothing like that. They stand to themselves, chatting. In general, this is a myth – about a crowd of screaming girls running after rock musicians. We do not reach for it. After the concert – go home, sleep. Family idyll, so to speak.”

3. Do you think success always catches up with a talented person or can you live an unrecognized genius all your life?

“And who determines if a person is talented or not? Now, if they recognized him, it means talented. It all depends on the person. I can, for example, be talented, but sit still and do nothing. In any case, everything rests on time frames, advertising, and financial resources. And untalented people, in my opinion, do not exist. This is just a matter of time. For example, he sings famously, and I sing balmy. He needs less time to reach a certain level, and I need more time and perseverance. So everyone is more or less talented. Just if you go to do what you like or need, then sooner or later it can lead to success.”

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