Renegades Of PDX!

We are honored to be invited by our Portland friends, Deems, Jon, Noah, and many others to visit Portland and bring our shine to an already bright and beautiful city. If I have some sort of 3rd retina, this night shall be burned into it forever as Portland is known to never disappoint, the liveliness is epic, and we are sure to take full advantage!

Deems –
Renfield –
Toiletooth –
CityMouth –
AutomaticThoughts –
RajaTheResidentAlien –

@ Ella St. Social Club
714 SW 20th Place, Portland, Oregon
March 9th, 2012, from 7pm to 1am.
$5 admission

Join the event on Facebook, and we’ll send out a reminder a week or so before the event.

We’ve got a talented lineup of intrepid electronic music warriors who are going to make you soil yourself from the utterly awe-inspiring bass machinations they will drop on your fragile little mind. It is highly suggested you bring a change of drawers.

Renegades Of PDX

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