Renegade Lights’ : a first release compilation for double-vinyl and download

For the rest of my life, I’d like to put out releases and do shows. It’s that simple. We’ve done a few very successful shows and it’s time to put out our first release. For this first one, I wanted it to be special, a good representation of what we do and a nice way to commemorate the start of something beautiful. So I’ve chosen to put it out on vinyl. We have 11 musicians who will be contributing tracks for the vinyl and download:

Wolf Interval
Raja The Resident Alien
Anon Day

and the following video artists will be contributing video for the digital download:


Normally, I think we’ll be putting out releases for digital downloads and the proceeds from those downloads would build up to a single EP-style vinyl release eventually with as much frequency as is sustainable. But just this once, we’re trying to raise funds publicly for this first release. Perhaps someday, as is part of my dream, we will do some fund-raising events and releases for charitable purposes. Other than that, in terms of public fund-raising for the label itself, I feel this is the only time I would ever feel comfortable with asking help for this one reason:
It’s a big responsibility and undertaking to start something like this, especially for one person, so it’s reasonable to ask for help at the very beginning. But beyond that, it is our own responsibility to carry that help, sustaining ourselves within our means, to a productive and positive future. I have received quite a bit of help from great friends like Vlad Spears, Jason Araujo, Chris Yap, and EACH one of these bold and beautiful Renegades who have braved the proving grounds of our intrepid Renegade Lights excursions. Without an avenue for my creativity, I can become very negative and self-destructive, so it is no exaggeration to say that these people have saved my life. I can’t help but put a great pressure on myself to make sure their contribution feeds forward with exponentially increasing momentum towards as great a benefit as possible. This collaboration is also our art. So shall it be, too, with your help on this first release. It feels right to gather friends and support when starting a new adventure. The initial energy of those friends and their support carry through the lifetime of that adventure like a blessing.

To put it more simply, we’re trying to have a baby shower for our media label. 😀

Please shower your blessings on our Kickstarter.

We will do our absolute best to magnify the brilliance of the support and ensuing faith you put in us. We take your invaluable love very seriously.

Most of all, I am ecstatic and honored to represent these brilliant artists with this release. It is sure to be a priceless experience and a gem in everyone’s music collection. At the very least, I hope you will stay tuned to receive word of the release once it comes out, and that you will immensely enjoy every digit and groove when it arrives.

-Thank You Sincerely,

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