PDXers In Fine Form

We did it up in style thanks to Portland renegades:

Deems – http://soundcloud.com/deemsb
Renfield – http://soundcloud.com/renfield-pdx
Toiletooth – http://www.toiletooth.com/
CityMouth – http://soundcloud.com/citymouth
AutomaticThoughts – http://automaticthoughtsmusic.com/

Here’s some glimpses of the magic wielded that night:

First off, a video of Noah (aka ‘Talks’) aka ‘Automatic Thoughts’ bringing the house down and raising the roof all at the same time!

Renfield knows how to tickle the ivories(even when they’re made of some sort of plastic polymer! 🙂 :

Noah (aka 'Talks')

And here he is, with focused concentration, intent on blowing your mind:

ocused concentration

And then there was Toiletooth:


Deems came fully prepared with a bottle of water, not because he gets thirsty, but because every time he plays, folks get too hot and bothered by the killer sound, and sometimes he needs to douse them before they pass out from the sheer awesomeness:


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