Renegade Lights loves existing in the same multiversal locality as these fine friends: – The brilliance showcased there will leave you spellbound!

LoveTech – LoveTech is a community proudly supporting many pioneering artists engaged in live electronic music. They are our brothers-n-sisters-in-arms! Helping to make the bay area one of the most innovative and enthusiastic launching pads for so many entrepreneurial artists.

Space Cat Photography – Celeste Lindahl is one far out SpaceCat! If the eyes are the window to the soul, Celeste will rip down the curtains for you.

Part Time Suckers – Part Time Suckers? Full Time Bad Asses!

Il Pirata – Site of the second Renegade Lights show and many other fine electronic music events. Large space, great sound system, soothing comfort food, and beautiful people.

Space Gallery – Site of the first Renegade Lights show, ever. It’s a gorgeous, open place run and staffed by terrific people, and they sometimes hang unique and engaging pieces of art.

Monome Community – Many amazing friends use these wondrous interfaces to create The Now.

Livid Instruments – Livid make massive performance interfaces and software specifically for visualists. The density of control on their devices warp light beams into new shapes nightly.

Livid Instruments