Chicago For The End Times!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Renegade Lights presents another Chicago-Love-born extravaganza! May 26th, 2012, it’s gonna be a veritable “show for the end times”! Come for the music, stay for the apocalypse! (…and if there’s no apocalypse, our music will keep you safe, warm, and in-an-orgasmic-frenzy anyways)
So what say ye! Will ye sit on thy arse and grow morose from the onslaught of the ages and a thousand regrets?! Or….
Will ye attend?!!!!

featuring the music of:
Anon Day

May 26, 2012
9pm ’til each performer has played to their satisfaction 😉
Location: West side loft (address TBA)
Admission: $5

All proceeds beyond expenses will go to helping MEND recoup gear which was stolen during a break-in last summer!

[Disclaimer: Renegade Lights is in no way associated with the apocalypse nor the corporations that own it.]

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