Our journey began with a bang. In September of 2010, Raja The Resident Alien decided to start our efforts by hosting a stop on the Monome Tour. The event was a success. People were ecstatic that such a diverse range of artists, all with engaging performances in their own right, were emerging in the bay area. Music can often be locked into a particular lifestyle, aesthetic, and scene, but our event was eclectic without losing cohesion. Our second event happened in March 2010. We didn’t have as much time to publicize or prepare and yet, somehow, more people showed up than before. Riding the crest of enthusiasm, we found help in organizing a non-local show in Chicago for May, and though it was more complex to plan over long-distance, the event turned out to be even bigger and more successful than before. Thus, Renegade Lights has grown into a long-term commitment and plan, as realized in the form of a media label and artist network, to generate and sustain this kind of enthusiasm for original music and digital art.

 The Resident Alien