Top Country Musicians

Country style can compete in popularity with any other in the United States. This style is based on cowboy ballads from the Wild West, Irish and Scottish folk music, absorbed blues and rock and roll. The main musical instruments of this style are guitar, banjo […]

TWO Release Parties?!

In celebration of our first release ever… Salud! Benvenuti! Ça Va! Mushi Mushi! Namashkar! Holler! Come one, come all to the blazinest bassface beatfreak barrage in town! RENEGADE MOTHERPHUCKIN LIGHTS! WHUT!!!! Our artists will drown your sorrows in a wash of digital-to-analog-then-back-to-digital-and-if-they-feel-like-it-back-to-analog-again mayhem. Check us […]

Renegades Of PDX!

We are honored to be invited by our Portland friends, Deems, Jon, Noah, and many others to visit Portland and bring our shine to an already bright and beautiful city. If I have some sort of 3rd retina, this night shall be burned into it […]

PDXers In Fine Form

We did it up in style thanks to Portland renegades: Deems – Renfield – Toiletooth – CityMouth – AutomaticThoughts – Here’s some glimpses of the magic wielded that night: First off, a video of Noah (aka ‘Talks’) aka ‘Automatic Thoughts’ […]

Chicago For The End Times!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Renegade Lights presents another Chicago-Love-born extravaganza! May 26th, 2012, it’s gonna be a veritable “show for the end times”! Come for the music, stay for the apocalypse! (…and if there’s no apocalypse, our music will keep you safe, warm, […]